Sunday, December 30, 2007

Carina's Childhood Pictures

I put a bunch of Dan's pictures on here from his childhood so it seems like I should do the same. In no particular order:
1 – we called this “spider-jumping” and Treeva was very good at it. I couldn’t get up very far
2 – sisters (Tasha, Carina & Treeva)
3 – daddy pushing me and a very unhappy Treeva in the wheelbarrow
4 – circa 2nd grade
5 - Christmas at grandma’s house
6 – we called him “Long George”, the baby possum my grandma found
7 – me in pigtails, I think I look a lot like Dax in this picture
8 – me, Treeva and mommy
9 - me
10 – Treeva & I with our easter eggs
11 – me, Treeva & Tasha
12 – me and Bally
13 – me again
yeah that’s enough of me :)

Little Kicker Video

Dax is getting so big and playful. He was too cute in this rocker just kicking away.

Dan's Childhood Pictures

The one below of Dan is my favorite. He has the cutest pout!

Well after years of searching I finally found Dan's childhood pictures which I had misplaced in one of my many "safe places".

Friday, December 21, 2007

I love Dan!!!!!

We met 9/17/2004 at an Institute Dance

Our first date was 9/ /2004, a hike up Spencers Butte and then a movie at his place.

Our first kiss was in October(I don't remember the exact date)at his mom's house. Although, he tried to get a "wee kiss" on our first date. How cheeky :)

We got engaged 12/4/2004 sitting in his car in Portland.

We were officially engaged 12/9/2004 at Salt Creek Falls in the snow.

Married 3/19/2005 in the Portland Oregon Temple at 10am.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

"W W C W D"

Dan is so cute. Yesterday he was grinding paint off something at work and came up with "WWCWD" or "What Would Carina Want me to Do?" So he put on a face mask to avoid breathing dangerous paint dusk because he knows that is what I would want him to do.

Here is a picture of Dan in the ER when he nearly severed part of his finger in a machine at work. Definately NOT WWCWD.

Sunday, December 9, 2007