Friday, June 29, 2007

Other people's babies

Ok so some of you may have read my blog thingy on my myspace page about other peoples babies and how I can't seem to figure out what to do with them. Well you'll be happy to know that just last night I held Brandi Clark's little baby Zachery who is only 4 months old- and it was awesome! At first he started to cry so I blew on his face and he stopped(yeah!), then I fed him a bottle and rocked him to sleep. I actually held him for like two hours non-stop. WOW!!! This is a first for me, maybe I'll be an ok mom after all! (time will tell though - I still have yet to try my hand at a diaper changing :)
Also, on Wednesday night I felt Treeva's baby kick for the first time! All you have to do is push on the belly and he starts kicking. I guess he doesn't like being squished :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Global Warming

"the sky is falling, the sky is falling...........!"
Ok so the whole global warming thing just really makes me mad, just alot of BS all around. Like Al Gore knows anything about the climate and global warming-and to give him an Oscar-ha! – No, that wasn't rigged at all! Anyway there are plenty of arguments for it and against global warming but my favorite has to be "We can't even accurately predict the weather next week, what makes anyone think we can predict what will happen in 100 years!” I mean really!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Working in the yard

Dan & I made a grape arbor and a small garden in our yard.


We went camping at Camp Alpine 6/15/07 with the scouts. It was really fun and we brought Slick too.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Picasa Web Album-see my pictures!

About Us...

Hi everyone, friends and family! Dan and I were married March 19, 2005 in the Portland Oregon Temple. I love him so very much! We celebrated our two year anniversary this last March- WOW! time sure flies! We bought a little house in west Eugene 2 years ago on a third acre lot. It's a fixer-upper and our latest project was the huge kitchen window replacement. This summer we will also be installing a nifty wood stove so we can have heat next winter- yippee!!! We do not have any babies just yet, just lots of pets: Slick(pitbull/german shepherd), Puddin' my kitty and Bellotti my bunny rabbit. We did have a sweet boxer Ninja, but had to give her away because she was too sick. I work in the billing office of a large surgical practice. Dan is a machinist apprentice. We are in the Santa Clara 4th Ward. Dan is in Young Mens as the teacher's quorum adviser which he really enjoys(he fits right in :) I was recently released from Primary and right now I am the Relief Society Chorister. I have been running alot and recently completed the Eugene Marathon in 5 hours and 18 minutes, it was a really awesome experience! My next adventure is going to be a triathalon-wish me luck!

My sister Treeva got married in January to David Pinnock and they are expecting their baby boy September 14th- Dax Leon Pinnock. I am very excited!

My sister Tasha just turned 18 in April and is living in Portland