Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh Man! What a Day!

Such a fun day!!! Dan & Dave got to go backstage with Gameday & meet the people and get cool free stuff. He also got to meet Chip, and I'm alittle jealous about that. I love Chip. So Dan & I got to go to the UO-Stanford game. It's becoming a bit of a tradition. Dan & I went to Stanford to the UO game when we were dating in 2004. Then we went to another UO-Stanford game at Autzen with Jordan Bair in 2008. And now this year too, with tickets we won no less-which makes it even sweeter. It was so exciting, lots of enthusiastic fans & noise. I had to put in makeshift earplugs though so I could enjoy it. A great comeback. Beautiful weather. It was a perfect night, a perfect day, a perfect weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010


We won the Gameday signmaking contest at HomeDepot today. We have tried every time and always came in second place. So Dan gets to go backstage and have breakfast with the ESPN Gameday people and then we get tickets to go to the UO-Stanford game too. SO exciting!!!