Friday, January 22, 2010

Construction Pics etc.

Master bedroom, with french doors. 12'x16' I think.

To the left, master walk-in closet & master bathroom farther down as seen from the doorway to the master bedroom.

Laundryroom/mud room & back door.

Veiw of hallway from the back door.

Next two are of the boy's bedroom. Too be an office/sewing room until we have a boy to put in it :) Also 9'x12', but with 2 windows.

Juliet's new room 9'x 12', not done with drywall yet.

The new hallway, through the laundry/mud room to the back door.

The new attic space. 14'x9', it will have those boards down over the whole area when we get around to it. It is also insulated since I took the pic.

Daddy, Juliet & the cat just hanging out.

Juliet's first trip to the library. I suppose she needs to work on her library voice alittle, but she enjoyed the Juliet-sized chairs & the lamb puppet.

Alittle hard to see, but Juliet is hanging out in the truck with Tater. She sure does love her dogs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I forgot to post pics of Juliet's new tub situation. the kitchen sick was getting a bit cramped so I do this for her on our shower floor. She likes it much better. It will be some awesome when we have our new bath done with an actual tub. I could go for a real bubble bath myself :)

We now have ceiling drywall & attic & wall insulation. We started the wall drywall today. Pics to come after I upload them.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How it affects the little guy.

I just have a little something to say about Measures 66 & 67. It increases taxes on those big corporations and evil rich people right? Sounds like Robin Hood …rob from the rich to give to the poor.


Dan & I, we aren’t poor enough. But we most definitely aren’t rich. I suppose you’d call us middle class. We have a house, a couple cars; we both have jobs to support ourselves so that we aren’t beholden to anyone. We aren’t living off the Dole or other people’s charity. We take care of ourselves & our family. And we take pride in that.

Now Dan works hard at a company called McGuire. Great company; really takes care of their own. We have been so grateful that instead of laying people off with hard times they just tightened their belts. No bonuses or pay raises for awhile.

Well Dan & I were counting on him getting pay raises each year so that he would ultimately be making enough to support our family & I would have the blessing of staying home with our children. This is a desire very dear to my heart.

So back to measures 66 & 67. They raise taxes on businesses; they will be taxed on their gross profits, not on their net. That means that even if a business is losing money they will still be charged taxes at the high rate. The $10 minimum tax they keep speaking of is for businesses who are not profitable, who are losing money. When a business is profitable they get charged a high rate of taxes, just like everyone else.

What does this do to McGuire? It makes an already burdened company not make as much profit. That means its employees (ie: Dan) will not get a raise at best. At worst, Dan will join the thousands of private sector employees who have already lost their jobs. All this so that the Oregon State government can continue to add jobs(they have already added 5000 since the recession began) and give raises to their employees who have already received raises even since the recession began.

That means it will be just that much longer until Dan is able to make enough to support our family, & I will be able to be a stay at home mother & take care of our children.

So you see, it doesn’t just come from the corporations & the rich. It trickles down & affects the very people they are claiming it will “protect”. By economist's estimations this will cost the loss of approximately 70,000 more jobs in Oregon.

So thanks alot, all of you who plan on voting yes on these measures.

Way to stomp on my dreams of getting ahead in this world and being able to stay at home with my babies.

Please vote no on 66 & 67