Friday, August 10, 2007

The Scammer be continued.

BEWARE!!! We posted our car for sale on Craigslist and I got an email response which I really suspect is a scammer. But just for fun I decided to play along and see what happens. Just trying to scam the scammer. :) Enjoy the emails below, but beware and don't let a scammer get you!

Carter Johnson wrote:
Hello Carina,

Thank you so much for your mail, we are good to go from here. I want
to let you know that am very much interested in purchasing your
vehicle right now I am busy with a seminar preparation but I PROMISE
to mail payment to you via USPS and update you so that you'll be
expecting the payment in the mail. Can you make yourself available for
the shipping company when they will come for the pick up? I'll update
you as to when shipping arrangement will be made so that you can be
available when my shipper get's to your place to arrange pick-up and
to handle the transfer of Title. Please send your full Name/Address
and telephone number so that payment can be sent as soon as we
conclude on all arrangements.

Payment will be mailed to you for the vehicle via USPS,The selling
price for the vehicle/Shipping fees is included in the payment. Please
can you give me your solemn word that you will forward the shipping
funds to the shipping company as soon as you have the check cashed at
your bank.The funds are meant for Insurance,Taxes and papers for the
vehicle,I really want to buy the vehicle so please consider it sold to
me. I am giving you my word. Please, acknowledge this so that I'll
know if you're okay with me mailing out payment to you.

I await your response soonest.



On 8/10/07, Carina wrote:
Hi Carter,

So are you buying for a car dealership or something? So I'd like to know when and where you are wanting the car shipped to? I haven't ever done that before so I need alittle more explanation about how that works. Also why do you need us to pay the shippers? That seems like you are making it too complicated. Why not just send us the money for the car and pay the shipper yourself(you know, to just cut out the middle man) It sounds like you have done this before and know the ropes. This is all kinda complicated for me so I think we'd really rather just sell it locally for cash. If you have someone here in Oregon that can come pick it up(or we could drop it off) and pay us the cash for you, that would probably be better for us. So let me know what you'd like to do.


Carter Johnson wrote:

I am presently in england for a serminar... I am assuring that everything would go on smoothly. my shipper will come to you base to pick up the vehicle as soon as funds have cleared you bank. please send you info so that I can have payment sent to you.. confirm the info below:


I'll be expecting your mail..


Then I wrote back(lets see what he has to say now! hehehe....I'm so bad)
Hi Carter,

Oh England how fun! I'd love to visit Ireland. What kind of seminar, if you don't mind me asking? Ok so thats fine, the shipper can come pick up the car ASAP. You can send cash payment to:

Carina H.
PO Box 70442
Eugene, OR 97401

There have been problems with mail theft in the neighborhood so don't send cash to our street address. Then just have your shipper give me a call(or email me)for pickup of the convertable ASAP. You're gonna love this car!


Carter Johnson wrote:

Hello Carina,

Thanks for the info.. I'll make arrangement for payment to me sent also I'll update you when pick up be schedule.. to let you know my payment is not inform of cash.. send a check via fedex but unfortunately fedex does not deliver to P.O Box so please I'll need your physical address... please send that in your next mail.

I'll keep you posted..


Hi Carter,

SO in your last email you said you were going to send the check via USPS:

"..........I am busy with a seminar preparation but I PROMISE
to mail payment to you via USPS and update you so that you'll be
expecting the payment in the mail.........."

and I think we should keep it that way. Don't bother sending Fedex, just send it to my PO box as that is much safer. I'd still rather you send cash thanks. I really need you to hurry up with this process, we can't hold this car for you forever, we really want to get it sold ASAP.


Carter Johnson wrote:

Hello Carina,

I am writing to update with the my payment status... I will be forward the tracking number for the payment.. before Thursday it going via Fedex. I am trying to finish up some a project here. I am sorry that I kept you in the dark. I am assuring that the transaction is consider done. I'll keep you posted with update.

I'll be expecting your mail.


Hi Carter,

Alright sounds good. So when can I expect the check at my PO box? You aren't giving me alot of information to go on here. We have had some other offers on the car so if you still want it I'm going to need to receive payment, otherwise we'll be accepting the other offer. I'll give you a week to mail the check, sound good? Just curious why you changed email addresses? Which email address am I supposed to be corresponding to anyways?


Hahaha good times, Don't worry I haven't given him any useful information about me, but he is trying hard to get it. I wonder if he has caught on yet or if he still thinks he is gonna get me.....we shall see......mwahahah(evil laugh)!!!

TO BE CONTINUED when he emails me back.............................. So what do you think, should I send him a scathing email and let him know what a scammer I think he is? or just let it go and count my blessings?

8 Things About Me..............I have been tagged and so will you..........

Amy tagged me for this thing everyone is doing where you write 8 facts about you and tag eight more people so here goes.

1. I have had grey hairs since I was like 17, a handful on both sides and a few on the top of my head. I don't dye them or anything but I do pull out any visible ones, Dan is 29 now and still not a grey hair! SO not fair!

2. I love to ride my bike to work. It makes me feel so great and it saves time by combining my commute and my excercise time.

3. I am VERY allergic, especially to animals, but I couldn't bear to part with any of my pets so I just suffer through it. (I am getting allergy shots and taking some medication now so that helps a ton)

4. I am, as Dan so correctly stated, an "eye rubber"; constantly with my fingers in my eyes until they are very irritated and red and swollen. It used to be from my allergies but now I think it is just habit.

5. Dan has affectionately nicknamed me "snot monkey" (again, because of the allergies)

6. I like to wear red. I have always wanted to be that super sexy, mysterious "woman in red"........yeah you know what I am talking about :)

7. I carry 5 separate knives in my purse(a few large and small pocket knives and a 7 inch survival dagger that I can strap to my leg); you know, for self defense.......................... and hangnails.

8. I want nothing more than to be a homemaker, to cook and clean, and take care of Dan and our babies...maybe some people might think that is lame but it is my biggest dream. Annie know's what I am talkin' about.

And now you know.......................I tag Annie Callister, Brandi Clark, Treeva, Tasha, Ashley Wimmer, Krystine, Amanda House and Jennavier Gilbert. For those of you who don't have a blog you can just click on the "comments" link for this post and post your list there if you want to. Love you guys!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hendricks Park

Today we went up to Hendricks park to take some pictures for Krystine and Zack. It was a beautiful day!

The sign says: "Please do not climb on this grand old branch" - awe such a rebel.

My sweetie!

My buddy Krystine.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Raccoon Skin be continued

For some silly reason I have always wanted a coon skin hat(like Davy Crockett) not that I would ever really wear it but I have always fancied them nonetheless. So last Saturday on his way to work, Dan saw a fresh road kill two houses down. Poor critter, she(I think?) was one messed up raccoon. He called me up and told me where to find it so I put on some gloves and went down to get it. I carried it back by it's tail and got lots of weird looks from people(especially that guy at the bus stop - he just couldn't stop pointing). Dan thought I should have bawled and made a scene: like it was my pet and "how did this happen?" - That could have been funny. But no I just tried to be as discreet as possible while gathering up the remains of a dead critter in the middle of a busy street. It was a very fresh kill, with her little raccoon feet still warm, and the head was total mush. So I called my mom to get some instructions for skinning it(she used to date a trapper so she is quite knowledgeable in this area). At first I was a bit queasy and whenever I pulled the tail I think it tooted because it would start to smell funny. So 2 hours later with cramps in my hands I had successfully removed it's pretty fur and tacked it to a board and salted it. Bellotti bunny has some nice fur too, hmmmmm maybe while I am at it.....just kidding.