Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chickens & Trampolines & Babies

We have been keeping busy. I'm so so nearly done with our house renovations. Just one closet and the flooring to go. Yay! Work is going good, can't complain. We aquired 5 baby chicks at Coastal a month ago when we went there to let Juliet look at the baby critters. They were giving away free ones so we ended up getting some "temporarily" to give to my mom after they got too big. But we got attached and so we buildt them a cute little coop this weekend. Juliet loves critters of all kinds, including her baby chicks.
We also aquired a free trampoline on craigslist that needed a few tabs sewn back on. Did that and now Juliet loves hopping around on it. Mostly naked for some reason. I guess clothes just get in the way of a good jump?
Juliet is a sweet, smart little girl. We love her so much. She loves: babies and animals, the letter "O" (as in "go ducks"), counting things, reading her books, helping herself to things(her catchphrase is "I do that"), building towers with legos or blocks, coloring/painting, and nuggling with mom & dad while watching "baby cows"(ie: videos of baby animals on youtube). We are working on potty training, but I obviously don't know what I'm doing so we aren't making alot of progress.
Dan is working hard. Puts in alot of overtime most days being the head machinist now. It's hard work but he enjoys it and does it well. It sure is handy having a hubby who can make or fix anything, or even make a tool to do the job :) I love him so much. He is a great husband and such a sweet daddy.
And finally, we are expecting baby number two November 1st! I am 4 months along and get to have my ultrasound in about a month to find out what we are having. Everyone is betting on a boy, I don't really care either way. Juliet loves the idea of having a new baby and has been very understanding on mommy feeling sick for the past couple months. I should start showing here soon and then I can post some belly pics :) Being pregnant is so fun, for the most part.

16 weeks(or 4 months) pregnant :)