Friday, February 8, 2008

Dishwasher vs. Frivolous Surprise

For Valentines Day, Dan gave me a choice:

1. Go shopping for and purchase a dishwasher for me.

2. A frivolous surprise

Now, Dan does some pretty excellent frivolous surprises, and he can be so thoughtful with gifts. And he did say I would probably like the frivolous surprise more than the dishwasher, but it would be more fleeting.
I could keep and use the dishwasher for a long time and all I would keep from the frivolous surprise would be memories. Also I know the dishwasher isn’t very romantic so he said if I choose dishwasher he would still get me some SMALL frivolous surprise(i.e. candy or flowers I’m guessing)
Now I have been Jones-ing for a dishwasher for quite some time. I have no idea what the big frivolous surprise could be, but I’m pretty sure it would be awesome.
I already asked if I could have both and he said nope.

So after polling my sisters and a friend "frivolous surprise" won out. So thats what I chose. I think I made the right decision because Dan is super excited about how excited I will be about it. I honestly have no guess what it could be, but it's really cute to see him so excited.

I'll find out next Thursday what my surprise is. :)