Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Been a Year!

What a great year it's been.  Enjoying being home with my two little girls.  Watching them learn and grow and play together, it is such a blessing.  They are my wonderful little blessings.  I was just looking through photos today and thought I would put together some comparisons of Juliet & Siobhan at the same age of 11 months.  I think Siobhan has a more Conover look to her.  And then their hair is so different, my little blondies.  Strange no brunette babies for me ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Awe, my lovelies. We blessed Siobhan last month. I can't believe how fast she is growing. She was nearly as big at 2 months as Juliet was at 4 months. Crazy! And she is developing faster too. Rolling over, holding herself in a sitting position. Just a nice robust healthy baby girl, and a happy one too. Doesn't cry nearly as much as Juliet did. She doesn't sleep well at all during the day, but thankfully does at night so its all good.
Changes...I will not be going back to work in February. I can't believe it. I am conflicted but I think I feel good about it. I have always wanted to stay home with the girls, but now that it is really happening I realize that I did enjoy my job too. And it was a sweet gig, once in a life-time, never gonna have such a good job ever again kind of gig, It's a shame to let it go, but it just isn't going to work out right now. Grandma can't watch the kids so much anymore and paying for childcare x2 is expensive! Plus I have a hard time finding he right person to do it. So I get to stay home with my girls, yay I'm excited! Hopefully we will make do on Dan's income, it will be really tight but I think we will be ok. I think I might try to do some babysitting if someone needs, and maybe earn alittle extra money that way. Plus Juliet misses her playmates, it would be fun to have more kiddos around :)