Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving the dirt, getting it done...

Juliet has been a very busy girl as you can see. After she learned to operate the bobcat she then proceeded to remove the HUGE pile of dirt that had been taking up our back yard, & make it all nice and level. Well, maybe she didn't do ALL of that. But she was a very willing helper. Whenever there is dirt involved, you can be sure she will be there to play in it.

under the tree, the pile of dirt before.....

....and AFTER!!! yippeee, there is a yard again!

view of the backyard

excuse all the cars & stuff. Dan likes cars.

looking at the back of the addition

look, you can see the whole door!

view from the back door, my favorite.

big ol' pile of dirt. can hardy see the tree trunk.

then... yard

so long big pile of dirt, you will not be missed :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Summer

Having a grand summer so far. Been home with Juliet since the end of May & I LOVE it. She is such a sweet little spirit, I could spend every moment with her. I love her laugh. I love her naughty excited fleeing when she is doing something she knows she shouldn't and doesn't want me to get her. I love her helpfulness, with the dishwasher, with the laundry, with the animals, with my feminine supplies, lol. She can unload a drawer so fast, it's amazing. I love it when she lays her head on shoulder & snuggles. I love it when she goes around grabbing daddy's things & telling me they are daddy's. I love how she asks where daddy is all day long. I love how friendly and fearless she is. She will try most anything. I love my little girl.