Friday, October 24, 2008


What is your husbands name? George, but we all call him Dan.

How long have you been married? going on 4 years

How long did you date? 3 months before we got engaged

How old is he? 30 (he's old :)

Who eats sweets? me, he doesn't really care for sweets unless he is just eating them to keep me from eating them all.

Who said I Love you first? me of course, & his heartbreakingly romantic response was "I know"

Who is taller? Dan

Who can sing best? me, Dan doesn't try

Who is smarter? hmmm thats debatable :) I'll say Dan, but he had a 7 year head start on me.

Who does laundry? I have done it since we started dating.

Who pays the bills? Me

Who sleeps on the right side? Dan. Soon to change when baby comes.

Who mows the lawn? Dan

Who cooks dinner? Me.

Who drives? Dan

Who's first to admit when you are wrong? neither, Dan is always sure he's right & I'd hate to let him win :)

Who kissed who first? Dan tried to get a "wee kiss" on our first date, but I didn't let him kiss me for a few more weeks. Mind you, I was faithfully waiting for a missionary at the time.

Who asked who out first? Dan of course

Who wears the pants? Dan. I wouldn't want to be married to some sissy boy.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Twilight goodness

I just really love this picture of Edward & Bella at the prom. It is so romantic.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 weeks, Twilight & graffiti

Ok so I am 30 weeks along & officially in the third trimester now. I had another check up yesterday & everything is great. Measuring good, heartbeat good. I have only gained 5 lbs so far. I can still button my jeans(although I'm thinking of investing in some maternity pants that don't apply pressure to the abdomen). I'm finding the belly is more sentitive now & anything constricting is very unpleasant. In the last week or so I have started having terrible heartburn. Now I know how Dan used to feel, poor guy. But the doctor said I don't just have to use Tums, I can use prilosec or zantac. Thank goodness because Tums just don't cut it and they are kinda yucky. My awesome sisters are doing a baby shower for me & saving me from having to do it myself. Thanks girls, it means alot to me.
My doctor is working over the Christmas holiday this year so I can pretty much have baby whenever. Thats kinda nice but I feel bad for him. I know somebody has to work the holidays; but it must be hard, especially since he has kids. I always feel bad for my doctors at work. They work so hard & are on call all the time- nights, weekends, holidays; it seems like they never get to see their families.

I'm so excited for Twilight to come out. I keep watching the trailer over & over & over. I have never camped out for an opening showing of a movie before but I'm really considering it with this one. I wonder how long I'd have to camp out in line? I'm going to be really good & pregnant by then & sitting on the floor for hours would probably be rather uncomfortable. But you know, it just might be worth it.

Brandi & I did a duet & sacrament meeting last Sunday. It went good & Brandi astounds me that she can sing & play piano at the same time. So cool. I don't know why but I was terribly nervous, as always. So I sat up there sweating & trying not to shake. I wish I could just get over my absurd stage fright; there is just no logical reason for it. Although, I suppose it can benefit me sometimes. I haven't had to give a talk for several years. I'm assuing that is because it was just too aweful to watch me up there nearly having a heart attack to make me do it again. But thats just fine with me.

Dan had a bad experience Sunday morning. We have had a lifesize poster of Duck football player Jeremiah Johnson up on our garage for over a year now(I know it's tacky, but Dan really likes it) So about 3am(according to our neighbor) while we were sleeping away, some hoodlum teenagers wrote in orange & black paint on it "OSU Go Beavs". Dan was so upset about it, and the fact that someone would come onto our property and graffiti on our home. It makes you feel violated, like you can't trust anyone. Living on such a busy street & with neighbors that are always home we have gotten comfortable & trusting I guess. We have never had anything stolen or any crime at all since we have lived there. It's just too bad. Luckily Dan has been able to wash some of it off, so it wasn't completely ruined.

Anyways, other than that - life is good.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekends go by too fast

On Saturday Dan & I did yard work(between torrential downpours). The dogs have been doing their best to turn our backyard into a mud pit so we got 2 pickup loads of gravel & spread it around. I discovered shoveling gravel while pregnant is alot harder to do. My abs are getting weak.
I made some zuccini chocolate chip cookies which were really good, but I couldn't get Dan to try them because they contained "nasty squash". I took some to the neighbors though & they concurred with me that they were tasty. I also cut up & cooked a turkey in my crock pot, which turned out much better than my previous attempts at oven-roasting a turkey. I'm not sure what I do wrong but by the time the internal temperature is good the drumsticks are always jerky. Ha! but not this time, not one bit of jerkified turkey.
We listened to Conference on Sunday from our internet & had a nice cozy fire. I love our woodstove. Last winter was our first with heat and is was SO nice. Our little house may be old & kinda decrepit but now at least it's warm & so much cheaper than other mortgages. We'll make due here, we don't need a nice new house. In these uncertain times it's nice to feel secure in our jobs, to have a home, to be out of debt & living within our means. I feel peaceful & comfortable. It's a good place to be.

What is this blurry foliage you are looking at? Ok so I just want to brag about my awesome shooting skills. Well, not awesome, but I did have some very good beginners luck. So Dan & I went shooting, or "plinking" as Dan calls it, this weekend up McGowen creek. I was practicing with a .22 rifle with a scope. I was doing really good hitting spent shotgun shells off an old shot-up TV we found that I decided it would be cool if I could cut down some blackberry "spines"(stems) with bullets. I used ALOT of bullets(good thing .22 rounds a cheap) but I was finally successful in taking down three blackberry stems in a row. Here is my camera-phone proof. I am especially pround of the middle one because it actually cut it clean off(instead of just making it snap over).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008