Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our baby

Yesterday I had a 10week appt with Dr. Haugen. He is really nice. Dan was able to come and we got to listen to the heartbeat. What a big, strong heartbeat for such a little blob, I was so impressed! Everything is great, I pretty much lucked out having none of the health problems the rest of my family seems prone to. I have had zero morning sickness. Not to be gross of anything but just constipation is the only thing I've had to deal with but thats nothing. Oh I hate puking, I would probably consider that to be the worst thing ever. I don't think I have actually puked since high school, or if I did I have blocked it from my memory. But thankfully, no puking for me - HURRAY! Everything still smells stinky to me though, I hope that goes away. So my first trimester is nearly over so I should start showing soon right? I'm not exactly excited about the stage where you just look chubby, I want to have an unmistakably pregnant tummy so I can put a bow on it.
We have been looking at lots of names. It's so much fun. Seems like we are leaning towards scripture names, at least for a boy. Now no stealing, but for a boy I'm thinking Soloman Augustus Hallock(then I can call him Gus :) and for a girl Siobhan Liahona Hallock.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The wedding dress

My best friend since 2nd grade: Krystine Watkins got married to Zack Garver on Saturday in the Portland Temple. It was so beautiful and I had a great time being her matron of honor. I also got to make her dress for her, she was a medieval princess for the day and she was so beautiful. Congratulations Krystine & Zack, I love you guys!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Little Blob

So here are the ultrasound pictures of our little blob at 8 weeks. I could see the little heartbeat flashing.

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Update

So I had an ultrasound on 5/14. I was exactly eight weeks. My due date is 12/22. I am feeling great, not sick at all. I am very tired and thirsty and everything smells bad and alot of things don't taste good anymore, like chocolate - I LOVE chocolate but now it tastes gross. I could see our little blob on the ultrasound and could even see it's little heart beating. I'm not having twins, it was just one heartbeat. It's all pretty cool.