Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictures Galore

Saturday we hiked Mt. June. in Pleasant Hill. It was a lovely & long drive out to the middle of nowhere. The guide book said the hike was easy. I would say moderate, at least. It was only a mile to the top but it ascended 1000 ft. SO yeah it was steep. We attempted to have Juliet in the jogging stroller but the trail was too rugged for that, so we ended up taking turns carrying her to the top. She had a great time just sleeping in our arms. Hiking isn't much work when someone carries you the whole way. But it's alot of work to carry someone, even if they are just 13 lbs. We ended up with sore backs & some beautiful pictures. Could have been much more beautiful though if it had been a clear day. We did get a wee bit of snow though!

New friends: Juliet with Bella Stockdale. They were awfully cute together there on the floor. I can't wait until they can play.

Juliet's Easter dress I made for her.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Juliet's 4 Month Old Stats

Juliet is 4 months old. Crazy huh!

13lbs 9oz (50th percentile)
24in long (75th percentile)

She likes to blow razzberries. She loves shopping cart rides & stroller rides. She smiles alot & puts on a good show for friends & strangers alike. She loves her Grandmas, especially grandma Hallock who watches her while I work. Juliet likes to be upright, she does not like being held football style because it impedes her looking around. She can wear awesome pigtails. She likes to put things in her mouth, namely her hands & clothes, but anything else will do. She sleeps well through the night & falls asleep on her own without needing any coaxing(usually). She is a very happy little girl.

Doctor says she is growing well & is in excellent health. She hates shots of course. She is such a sweet & happy little person & we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First family protest, Juliet's first Knife Show, New car...

My cute little baby bug is doing good. Growing big & long; mostly long, she isn't very chubby. She has her 4 month check tomorrow so I will post her stats. Life is great. The weather is beautiful & I couldn't be happier. Juliet's night crying seems to have resolved itself for now. It has been a couple days since she has pulled an all-nighter of crying. She only did it once last night.

Juliet accompanied me to the Knife Show this year. She did wonderfully. Took plenty of naps, smiled & cooed on cue for everyone & didn't fuss & cry. What a wonderful baby I have.

Our new car! We traded Dan's cute 2-door Civic for this more family friendly 4-door Toyota Camry. It has AC...it is awesome.


Our first family protest was at the local "Tea Party" on tax day at the post office. We waved signs in protest of higher taxes & big government and had a grand old time. My sign says "politicians are like diapers, they should be changed often & for the same reason" - Mark Twain.

It was a great turnout & we got a very positive response. Most people honked & waved. Only one person I saw flipped us off. I guess I'm not alone here after all. It appears that Glenn Beck was right, "we DO surround them."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Advice Please...?

I need some advice. Juliet has been a wonderful nighttime sleeper since she was about a month & a half old. For about the last month she has become even more compliant & usually requires no coaxing to get to sleep at night anymore.
For the last few nights however something has changed. She will cry many times during the night but when I go in to check on her she still appears to be asleep. Crying in her sleep? I will stroke her face or put the binkie in her mouth or talk softly to her & she immediately settles down into a peaceful state again. Seriously, it’s like I flipped off a switch or something she calms down so fast. But only to repeat this hour or so later.

I don’t know what to do. Is she having bad dreams? When she cries it sounds very distressed so I always come running, but I don’t know what the matter is. She isn’t too cold or anything.

Is this normal? Just a stage she is going through or something? How do I help my baby have good dreams? She was happy when she went to bed & is still always happy when she wakes in the morning.

Juliet met Rascal the wee puppy. Rascal climbed right into her carseat & wanted to play. Juliet wasn't sure what to think about him but she tolerated his presence.

adorable easter bunny hat from Mandolyn.

pink teddy bear

"this is my nose"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Funny story

A few weeks ago at church I had a funny. An adorable little girl (maybe 5 years old?) came up to me in the hall when I was holding Juliet & this is what she said:

“I’m really good with babies, I know what they need to eat and drink”

“The need to eat baby food & drink milk!......that comes from BIG boobies”(as she is saying this she reaches up & pats me on the boob)

“But you have to cover up & keep them to yourself (boobs)”

I was totally dying trying not to laugh, she was so sincere!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tired Yet?

And here are more pictures of my favorite little girl in the whole world. Life is so wonderful, I couldn't be happier!

Sister Haskin made her this adorable bonnet.

I can multitask...who knew! I'll spare you a picture, but I can breastfeed & sew at the same time too. Oh yeah I'm good :)

Daddy's little girl