Monday, October 31, 2011

I want to have a baby!

Ok maybe not today, Halloween would be an unfortunate birthday I think. But anytime now, I'm ready and willing. My big sister pumpkin is very excited to meet baby pumpkin. It's so bizarre not having any lead up this time. No contractions, no swelling, not feeling hugely pregnant. Totally not complaining here, I'm very thankful I feel great. Last night I was dreaming I was in labor, everytime I had a cotraction in my dream I would wake up all exctied only to realize, "oh I just have to pee" or "darn it was only in my dream". Too funny. I keep looking around, watching my back, like labor is sneaking up on me and gonna get me if I don't keep a lookout. I'm seriously so excited though!!! I was alittle scared going into it the first time with Juliet, you'd think I'd be just a bit scared this time knowing what I'm in for :)

Juliet makes a cute little pumpkin don't you think?

Monday, October 24, 2011

39 Weeks

39 weeks already. This pregnancy feels like it has flown by. Can't wait to meet baby sister. Juliet sure is excited about it all. She will be such a sweet big sister. Still haven't picked a name or even narrowed it down to a good handful. Oh well, it will come, and so will she...soon I hope :) So excited!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just want to jot down some Juliet sayings so I don't forget.

Anything she doesn't like or is scared of she will say is or has spiderwebs.

She likes to brush my hair to "get the bugs and spiderwebs out", not sure where she came up with that.

She calls things fatty-meaning big, pretty sure she got it from me. "the big fatty tree", the "fatty dog", "it's a fatty one", thankfully she has't called anyone a fatty. She says it very properly too, "fah-tee" so it makes it even funnier.

Her fire alarm once went off in her room because of the humidifier & to this day she is always on the lookout for fire alarms to tell me they are too loud.

She still kinda says things are "too gay", for the longest time I couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. Turns out she meant "too scary", she pronounces it better these days but sometimes it still sounds like "too gay".

When you ask her how a chicken pushes an egg out she squats down with a big grin and pushing face and says "EEEEEEEEE!"

One night the neighbors set off fireworks after she was asleep and it woke her up. She said "that's too loud, wakes Juliet up, thats not very nice"

When she wakes up in the morning she frequently says "I all done sleeping, I had a good nap."

She likes to "nuggle"

She likes to play a game with me where she she puts me in a bed and tucks me in then tells me to "close my eyes and go to sleep" and then as she is shutting the door she says "don't cry mommy" (but she really wants me to cry) so she can come back in and ask "do you need some cheese mommy?", or "mommy you need tuck-tuck?" She once even got daddy to get mommy some cheese for her, she was very insistent.

When you tell her to smile for a picture she does so with a big hissing sound.

She will frequently say "silly Juliet" or 'crazy Juliet" to herself when she is doing something. She jumped off the curb and said "whoa! crazy Juliet!"

When she spins around she says she is getting "busy" (dizzy)

She knows what a wedgie is and will let me know if she gets one.

She mostly refers to herself in the third person.

Everything has a mommy, daddy, and a Juliet(or baby). In Goldilocks there was the daddy bear, the mommy bear and the Juliet bear. Once she had a bunch of babies out at grandma's and there was a daddy baby a mommy baby and a Juliet baby. Since we had Haruka stay with us she usually adds a Haruka to the mix too: "daddy cup, mommy cup, Juliet cup & Ruka cup"

She frequently says things or people or animals are "sad, they miss their mommy", even inanimate things like the "tree is sad, it misses its mommy tree", occasionally substituted with daddy, but ususally mommy.

When telling me about things she likes to say "alittle bit". "I was sad in nursery, I cried a little bit, but the nursery daddy held me". Or "I missed you alittle bit". Lately she has also been using "so much", "I miss you so much".

She will sometimes say "I so drinky" instead of "I so thirsty", combining I want a drink with I'm so thirsty.

Thats all I can think of for right now, I'll add more as I remember.