Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BFF Lizzy

Juliet has been having a marvelous time for the last couple weeks playing with her new friend Lizzy Teel. Ashey has been so amazingly awesome to watch her for me while grandma was out of town & Juliet couldn't be happier. They are so cute together. Thank you Ashley!!!!! You are wonderful!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween & baby Tripp

Treeva had her baby Friday at 2pm(after 5 pushes!). Tripp Channing Pinnock was 8lbs 7oz & 22inches. So sweet. And so small! I can't believe Juliet was ever so small. She looks HUGE next to him.

Tasha & I took the kiddos trick or treating.

Juliet the piggy & cousin Dax the lion. Look at those little tails.

Dan & Shelly with the winning signs for Gameday. Shelly won first(with a sign using Dan's idea & a little drawing help from me) & was nice enough to give us the tickets so we could go to the awesome USC beatdown. Thank you Shelly!!!!

Juliet in her cute little piggy costume. So cute.